ABOUT the artist

Hi, I’m Julie!

I’m happy you are here.

I worked for over 25 years as a Decorative Artist. I did projects in commercial and residential settings throughout the Southwest including, Dallas, Houston, Scottsdale and Salt Lake City, in addition to New York City, Chicago and Orlando.

Creating has always been a necessary part of my life. Through my career as an artist I have painted in many different styles and with various mediums. My current work is focused on and inspired by the human figure and the connection I feel to my subjects.

I believe when the subject matter is a person, my role as an artist-is a storyteller. The story begins with a portrait and then, piece by piece it evolves with layers of  texture, mono prints, fabrics, and embellishments.  Using these techniques, I feel my work comes to life with the personality of both artist and subject. Each portrait is an adventure, exploring the unique characteristics and qualities of both. 

What story do you see?

Received my BFA from BYU in 1983 and Continued My Studies with:

American Academy of Decorative Finishes Scottsdale
The Day Studio, San Francisco
Vigini Studios, Inc. San Antonio
William Whitaker
Jenedy Paige
Juliette Belmonte