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Knit Wit


Sold out!


“Knit Wit”. A 16 x 15 x 1 canvas mixed media painting on wood cradle board.  Acrylic portrait  collaged with fabric, mono prints, and handmade papers

I believe when the subject matter is a person, my role as an artist-is a storyteller. Mixed media is the perfect vehicle. The story began with a portrait and then, piece by piece it evolves with layers of  texture, mono prints, fabrics, and embellishments.  

This woman is a knit wit in the best possible sense of the word—she finds joy and fulfillment in the simple act of creating something from nothing. And as she continues to knit, she knows that she is not just making blankets and scarves, but also memories and traditions that will be cherished for generations to come.

  What story do you see?



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